Map of Camp Arrowhead

Boy Scout Camp, Ona, WV

Map of Camp Arrowhead in Ona, West Virginia

Map of Camp Arrowhead, home of the Tri-State Area Council, Boy Scouts of America and the Thal-Coo-Zyo Lodge of the Order of the Arrow, Ona, West Virginia.

I collected the map data with a GPS. Feel free to download the map to Google Earth and make improvements. If you send me your updates, I will publish them here and gladly give you the credit. My email address is kenneth dot jones at gmail.

Easy way to view

Click here to view the map in Google Maps.

Harder, more powerful way to view

1. Download the map as a KMZ file here.

2. Get Google Earth here.

3. Be sure to enable 3D Terrain using these instructions.

4. Import the KMZ file into Google Earth. Instructions are here. Google Earth can open KML files (Keyhole Markup Language) and KMZ files (a zipped collection of KML files). In case you're curious, a KMZ is simply a zipped collection of individual KML files. It's literally zipped, too -- in fact, you can rename the file extension from KMZ to ZIP on your computer and the file will open in WinZip, WinRAR or 7zip, showing the KML inside. You can do this if the software you're using requires KML and cannot use KMZ.